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Why Consumers Love Ordering Online – How to Encourage More Sales Via Checkout

June 8, 2016 11:00 AM / by Reliance Star

E-commerce is the fastest growing retail market in Europe and North America, with online sales expecting to reach more than $311 billion in 2017. A survey by UPS revealed that around 74% of shoppers use their smartphones, 56% use tablets, and 13% use wearable technology. It is crucial that businesses and entrepreneurs understand why so much shopping is conducted online and take steps to ensure their customer’s experience is better than that offered by their competitors.

Online Purchasing Behaviors

Convenience is everything. Consumers want to launch the relevant app on their hand-held device during their lunch-break, while relaxing in front of the T.V, while eating, or waiting in line. There are many factors to consider, mainly associated with convenience, when summarizing why online ordering is so popular.

  • It is easy to research similar products online, make comparisons, and find the best deal.
  • Customers have the option to place their purchase in a virtual basket and go back into it at a later date – no trekking across the shopping mall.
  • The shopping experience is calm and comfortable – the perfect way to avoid the Christmas rush, the queues, the associated chaos, and the impulse or unnecessary purchases.
  • It is likely that fewer mistakes will be made – the wrong size or color, forgotten bags or visa cards.
  • No pressure from a shop assistant or a line of people waiting. Research actually shows that when ordering a meal online, consumers are more likely to order add-ons such as desserts, or larger size portions, with an interactive menu.
  • Items are updated in real-time so shoppers can see instantly if something is out of stock.
  • Points and loyalty cards are automatically updated – no need to find your loyalty card from the back of your wallet.

The question is, does your business provide all of these perks – and more?

Best Practices

Boosting e-commerce sales involves deep knowledge of your customers, their shopping habits, and their preferences. Small business owners and entrepreneurs need to see what their competitors are doing and do it better. Your business really can’t afford not to – don’t give your customers a reason to go elsewhere.

It begins with a mobile-friendly site or a mobile ordering app that really works – that means tap-friendly buttons that make the process quick and simple. Try your website for yourself – can you go from your web store to the checkout and complete the purchase, seamlessly?

Consider the following:

  • Do you offer the option to collect in person (which can lead to more sales), or have the product delivered to an address of your customer’s choice?
  • Is there the provision to redeem coupons online at the checkout?
  • Do you promote safety and ensure visa debit and credit card payment options are secure?
  • Do you offer free returns/free shipping?

Ensure your website is mobile friendly and implement a mobile ordering system if you have not already done so. Allowing your customers to interact with your business how and when they choose will increase visits to your website. As well as increasing your bottom line, the information you can acquire is invaluable – rich data that captures customer preferences and their purchase history enabling you to target specific customers with special offers and new products or services.

Winning more sales means a better understanding of your customers and allowing them to shop and pay in the manner that they prefer. Improve your customer’s experience at the checkout and keep them coming back for more.