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Top 6 Reasons To Get A Cloud Based Point Of Sale System

Feb 18, 2016 9:28 AM / by Reliance Star

Business owners who deliver a customer-friendly experience will grow faster than those who don’t, especially when it comes to the check-out process. How can your business make the buying process easier for your customers? Switching to a cloud based POS system is one of the smartest moves a growing business can make. It will speed up the sales process, increase customer satisfaction, and more.

Maintain IT Security

As your business grows, so does your reliance on technology. Technology is an incredible tool to grow your business, but there are potential risks. With a cloud based point of sale system, there is no delivered software or server storing the card data. A thief can’t get to the data if it’s not there. However, as a business produces more sales, the availability of large amounts of customer data becomes attractive to more advanced hackers and identity thieves. A cloud based POS system is considered superior to on-premise data centers, and many credit card providers will only step up to help their customers with a stolen data issue if your business has the latest technology in place.

Provide Customers with the Latest Technology

The printed receipt is becoming obsolete, and customers take notice when they are subjected to outdated payment processes. A cloud based POS system allows your business to take payments via tablets and smartphones, emailing your customers a receipt before they leave.

Manage Your Business from Anywhere

A manager should be able to review profit reports and sales data from anywhere. Cloud based point of sale technology will unlock the power of data for every member of your team.

If you need a merchant account, find a provider that can tailor a solution for your company. If you manage multiple locations and offer customer discounts and gift cards, for example, a firm like Reliance Star can design a POS solution to meet your needs. They can also provide multilingual customer support.

Processing Payments Offline

Another issue that can disrupt customer service is when your Internet access goes down. If you have to stop taking credit card payments, customers may not wait around for your system come back online. Your cloud POS system can continue to take payments while you’re offline.

A cloud based POS system can take payment information, and update and post the data that was collected during the outage.

Competitive Pricing

Cloud based POS systems eliminate the need for many of the hardware and software costs that on-site systems require. Your offsite cloud servers can provide unlimited storage capacity.

A cloud POS system is a SaaS model, which typically does not require large upfront fees. Updates to your POS software can be installed right through the cloud system, making the system more cost-effective in the long run. Reliance Star can clearly explain your costs and help you find cost savings.

Integration with Other Systems

Businesses that are growing need to automate time-consuming processes. A cloud-based POS system can integrate with your accounting software and other applications.

Consider a cloud based POS system to not only improve customer service and sales the process, but to also help your business get on the fast-track for growth.