Experience top of the line data security with Reliance Star’s E-Commerce Credit Card Processing.

Secure E-Commerce Credit Card Processing

Businesses that are not able to support the growing trend of online shopping are missing out on opportunities on making substantial sales revenue. Reliance Star Merchant Services understands and is able to address the growing convenience for the consumer to be able to shop for your products and services.

Joining Reliance Star you receive,

  • Clear-cut online shopping solutions to help your business gain substantial profits while reducing costs
  • Shopping Cart and hosted payment forms are combined and secured
  • High level security is guaranteed with Reliance Star’s PCI compliant E-commerce Credit Card Processing
  • Cutting-edge ability to monitor fraudulent activity with personalized parameters

Integrated Shopping Carts

Reliance Star offers many combinations of popular shopping carts and e-commerce credit card processing platforms. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Feel free to contact our integration support team. We don’t shy away from new partnerships.

Hosted Payment Forms Help Reduce Your PCI Scope

Reliance Star wants to help you reduce your PCI scope. Choosing to be hosted by Reliance Star, a third party service provider that specializes in data security, we are able to offer secure and clear ways to accept credit card payments on your site. By doing so, both the risk of being exposed to fraudulent activities is significantly reduced as well as the liability to the merchant. 

Secure E-Commerce Credit Card Processing

E-Commerce Credit Card Payment Processing is secured through Reliance Star’s efficient PCI DSS- certified payment gateway. All major credit cards and debit cards are accepted through our payment gateway. Our state of the art security measures help to reduce the risk of identity theft by using tokenization to encrypt card information from swipe through authorization.