Reliance Star offers simple solutions for business-to-business (B2B) which help to manage credit card processing.


Reliance Star makes it easier for you to collect money from your customers. Our services for b2b credit card processing, recurring bill payment, electronic check, electronic funds transfer, ACH, invoicing, domestic and cross-border payments, and more are incomparable.

Our diversified services will allow your business to bring your data and reports under one roof.

  • Credit Card Payments from B2B and government customers can be accepted even if they are at Level 2 and Level 3
  • Easily integrated solutions into your existing accounting and business management software
  • Reliance Star’s Merchant Services can help to secure your customer’s personal payment information

Multi-Level Processing With Reliance Star

Processing payments differ among business, corporations and the consumer. Therefore, a lot more information is asked of B2B merchants on Levels 2 and 3. Merchants must include additional, detailed information for each transaction. In comparison to Level 2, in Level 3 processing, B2B merchants must input line data line by line with each transaction. And this type of data entry will appear in reports to various business cardholders. The plus side of entering more information is that because the transaction amount is of a significant size, credit card companies grant lower interchange fees. There are many benefits to companies that choose to accept Level 2 and Level 3. For instance, accepting Level 2 and 3 will not only increase profit but promotes interactions among companies that use Level 2 and 3 cards thus expanding the ability to serve more customers. Recognizing this need, Reliance Star is ready to provide your company with B2B merchant solutions tailored to fit your needs in purchasing and corporate card transactions, alongside the equipment you will need to begin to accept Level 3 payments.

Integration into Your Software

Reliance Star is dedicated to providing your company with simple solutions that you can incorporate into your existing software. Unlike other companies, which cause redundancy and can be time consuming, Reliance Star is able to save your company from unnecessary issues. Not only does our diverse selection of API’s and other payment processing solutions accommodate noted business management systems, we also can work with you, customizing solutions to fit your business’ needs.

Secure Payment Processing Solutions

Reliance Star offers exceptional data security. The PCI compliant solutions we offer feature point-to-point encryption (P2PE), tokenization, fraud filters, hosted payment pages, just to name a few. Our personalized solutions, keep your customers sensitive payment data out of harm’s way. We work with you to ensure your processing needs are protected at the highest level. Your confidence is important to us, just as your customer’s is important to you, therefore, Reliance Star pledges to work diligently to ensure your confidence with your security solutions.