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What Are Some Barriers To Electronic Billing?

Jan 5, 2016 10:39 AM / by Reliance Star

Americans are expecting and relying on electronic billing options more as time goes on. There are many reasons for this, such as: affordability, convenience, fast service, and security. While the use of cash and paper checks is becoming extinct, there are many businesses that still prefer traditional payment methods. But with the advantages to electronic billing, why would businesses prefer traditional methods?

1. Security

There is many people in the world who feel uncomfortable with the idea of entering their financial data into electronic payment options. They are mainly concerned with how their information will be stored and who can have or find access to it. This is most common among the senior shoppers, as they are most familiar with cash and check payments

2.  Comfort

Since technology is advancing, it’s advancement progress plays a role in people’s view on electronic transactions. Some people rather not deal with payment systems that are constantly changing and upgrading. They rather stick to what they already know to avoid any hassles that could come with electronic billing. 

3.  Lost Profits

Many business owners would rather not risk losing already secured customers. When you only rely on electronic billing, you can lose regular customers who don’t use credit cards or online banking. Or those who don’t use computers or smartphones. 

To adopt electronic billing, it’s best to know and understand all the barriers. One of the best ways to overcome some of these barriers is by providing excellent communication. By sending notifications and alerts on upcoming bills and security measures, you leave the impression that you are a caring financial institution. By being there for your customers, you are allowing them to trust you and the world of electronic billing.